The Universal Design and Mobility Empowered Garden

Raised Universal Design Gardening

The Universal Design Garden is an Easy Access: Able Pleasure.  © 2017 Charles M. Schwab Architect Universal Design implemented in the garden will allow everyone to enjoy it for their lifetime. Here’s some basic space planning guidance and details for a universal designed garden.  Spring is here and gardening is not only America’s most popular outdoor activity […]

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Access:Able and Better Bathrooms

Better Bathrooms

Truly Access:Able for Better Bathrooms  © Charles M. Schwab Architect, 2017 What’s new in the bathroom is partly the acceptance and attitude that bathroom access makes good sense for everyone. Bathing and hygiene industrial designers are besting their efforts by creating ever more attractive, innovative and accessible bathroom products. Bathroom home designers are also taking notice […]

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Inclusive and Natural Freeplay, for Children and Adults Alike.

Article first published in EP Magazine,July 2014

Inclusive and Natural “Freeplay“ for Children and Adults Alike. Blog copyright 2017, Charles M. Schwab Architect & Author This blog topic is a reprint from an EP Magazine article,, Published July 2014, reprinted with permission. Let’s discuss ways that you can affordably incorporate free and safe play in your own yard or community. Let’s […]

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An Indoor and Inclusive Play-Away Room

Indoor Inclusive Play

An Interior and Inclusive “Play -Away” Room can be Building Block for Happy kids. The following blog post is a re-print from an EP /Exceptional Parent Magazine,reprinted with permission. By: Charles M. Schwab Architect “Play is the highest form of research” noted Einstein. So let’s take a look at how your little Einstein’s , or […]

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Bathtub Tub Lifts for Ease of Transfer and Safety

A Bathtub Boost PG 1- Tub Lifts

Benefits of Tub Bathing with use of  Hoists & Tub Lifts  Blog ©2017 Charles M. Schwab Architect, Reprint from a PN Magazine, October 2016.Reprint with permission. The activity of bathing for a person who uses a wheelchair is one of the most important activities in making the home usable, accessible and ultimately, satisfying. A wet room […]

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All About Ceiling Lifts in the Bedroom

EP ceiling lifts july 16 pg 1

Can I get a Lift here? Safe & Stress-Less Mobility, for Kids and Parents Alike. EP/Exceptional Parent Magazine, July 2016. Blog content © 2017 Charles M. Schwab Architect. A PDF of the printed article is provided at the bottom, that is what the thumbnails represent. It can be difficult for us adults to imagine, but […]

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Visit the Universal Designed Smart Homes website.

Fully U-designed home in SC. Photo  c 2015 Schwab

Universal Design-ed Smart Homes If you are interested in learning about Universal Design Homes and human centered sustainability for health and wellness you are at the right spot, here and at my website linked from here. I believe “green” design often isn’t people-centered enough. Buildings, especially home, are for people. I will be using this blog […]

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What is the best residential floor for wheelchair use at home?

Tile installed on the diagonal increases wheel friction.

The best flooring for mobility devices at home. From the Ground Up. ©2015 Charles Schwab Architect, Please click on the link below to read the article “From the Ground Up” by Charles Schwab Architect AIA, Universal Design Certified Professional. This is the edited article (shorter version) for the bi-monthly column Around the House. Read the December […]

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The Innovator of Universal Design, Mr. Ron Mace explained differences between Universal Design and Barrier Free in 1989

Ron Mace cartoon

Let’s re-visit Mr. Mace’s speech as he saw Universal Design (UD) and Access, and look at some other related definitions that I think you will appreciate. This time I thought we’d look back into history in an effort to help clarify these definitions and especially for the benefit of our newer design students and Universal […]

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